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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

What We Think II

I am working on submitting a few pieces for What We Think II by College Tree Publishing. I encourage any of my young readers to do the same.

Posted on the message board:

Hello! I just stumbled on your site. I am Seth Spores, the Libertarian/Centrist leaning editor for College Tree Publishing.

What We Think: Young Voters Speak OutWe contacted hundreds of university and college conservative, libertarian, green and liberal groups, political science departments, and university news papers and requested essay submissions from people in the 17 to 25 year old age group on political and social issues. The end result was What We Think: Young Voters Speak Out, which was put out nationally in late October. The book was meant to be a running forum for political expression of America's youngest voting demographic, and in that regard has been a success. Since the book was published in October, the book has already received national press on CNN, MSNBC, an hour long special on CSPAN-Book TV and has been nominated for the Franklin Award.

We are a non-partisan company possessing a Republican, Democrat and Libertarian leaning editor, trying to give fair and equal voice to all ideologies present among college age youth. We are currently accepting submissions for our next two books, What We Think 2 and What We Think About God and looking to increase the number of well written pieces. Our goal is to receive 10,000 submissions from now through summer, and to publish the top 200 to 300 in late third quarter.

Because there seems to be a liberal leaning on most college campuses, we are trying to branch away from requesting submissions through simply the college scene. Hence, I am contacting many blogs and other forms of media not necessarily connected to Universities, in hopes of reaching a wider base of essayists. We would like to know if you would run a short story on your blog, stating that we are requesting submissions for national publication. We'd love to have people who are already writing for your site submit to us. All authors are given full credit for their work, a short bio is dedicated to them in the back of the books, and we've been arranging book signings and talks across the country for authors in our current edition so these young authors get the credit and visibility they deserve.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or requests for more information,
Seth Charles Guy Spores
Editor and Co-Founder of College Tree Publishing
509-483-4079 (Office)

I'll post updates.


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