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Friday, February 11, 2005

Kim Jong Il is a Dickhead

Just look at him.

It's rare for a news item to make me genuinely angry. Here's one that does.

North Korea has Executed Seventy Returned Refugees

Kim Jong Il the DickheadSEOUL, Feb 11 (Reuters) - North Korea has executed about 70 refugees who were captured in China and sent home, a South Korean group that helps North Korean refugees said on Friday, citing informants in China.

The Commission to Help North Korean Refugees, a private, Seoul-based conservative group, said about eight or nine of the 70 executed last month were put to death in public to discourage others from trying to slip across the border into China.

This guy is a maniacal murderer. He ought to be dealt with just as soon as he starts making those nuclear threats. And the sooner the better.

Jesus, if any country needs "liberation," if any country is "a threat to the civilized world," it's North Korea, not Iraq or Iran.

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