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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Instant Runoff Sucks - an Update

This is an update to my earlier post about Instant Runoff Voting. I want to clarify my position that 1) IRV sucks and pursuing it is a huge waste of energy, 2) Condorcet and Approval Voting are both superior to IRV, and 3) Condorcet is the most accurate method, but the cost of switching to it make it an impractical short-term goal.

I fully support Approval Voting as an immediate solution to the problems caused by the current system. Approval Voting allows the voter to vote for multiple candidates for a single office. For instance, I would have voted only for Michael Badnarik, but my family could have voted for both Badnarik and President Bush. Implementation would not require any new equipment, and the alterations to the existing ballot design would be limited to changing the wording of the instructions from "choose one" to "choose as many as you wish." It can be implemented immediately and costlessly, and is a huge advancement over Plurality Voting and much better than Instant Runoff. Approval Voting is not as accurate as Condorcet, but the potential financial costs and the learning curve that would be associated with switching to Condorcet make Condorcet desirable as a long-term goal. Approval Voting is a practical solution with definite positive results that can be implemented TODAY.


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