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Thursday, December 23, 2004

More on the Intelligence Reform Bill

I came across this great article by Mike Whitney at, commenting further on the civil liberties threatened by H.R. 10 I discussed only briefly here. Mainstream media is failing horribly at educating the public about these issues. They give us the horse race, with commentary on the bill's chances of passing and who supports and opposes it. They don't bother to tell us any of what the bill entails beyond vague references to National Intelligence Directors. They tell us it is a bill designed to protect us. No mention of a national I.D. card ("show me your papers, please"), the abandonment of the Fourth Amendment (probable cause just gets in the way, and not just for "terrorists," either), and the legal indefinite imprisonment of citizens who haven't been charged with any crime. Why must Americans rely on underground media sources for this vital information? I don't know whether I'm leaning toward "stupid" or "evil."

Please, please consider copying or paraphrasing the open letter I posted earlier and mailing it to your representatives. I will not live in Amerika!
The new Intelligence reform bill is a more stunning attack on the Bill of Rights than the Patriot Act. Most people have no idea how dramatically their "inalienable" rights have been savaged, or to what extent the Congress has sold them out... The document that will be signed into law next week is a frontal assault on the fundamental rights of man.


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